Shakespeare at the Currier

Explore connections between Shakespeare and works at the Currier!  Hear ideas about truth and illusion from local scholars, Currier staff, and Shakespeare himself as read by Theatre KAPOW. Looking closely at selected works, what are your thoughts? 

With Thanks...

In addition to those who generously contributed their voices to this audio, thanks are due to the following sparkling individuals: Jeff Allen; Vanessa DeZorzi; Cindy Mackey; Bruce McColl; Meghan Petersen; Andrew Spahr; Kurt Sundstrom; Sara Turner; and Aimie Westphal.  I’d also like to thank Eric Aho for talking with me about Nicolas (Reworked) for this audio; Carey Cahoon for sharing her extensive knowledge of Shakespeare with me; and Rane Hall, whose ideas connecting Shakespeare and the Currier’s collections were formative.  Finally, immense thanks go to Megan McIntyre.  She supported this project from start to finish and her creative thinking significantly influenced my approach.  Without her and Sadie Barton’s tireless efforts in building the architecture for this audio there would be no audio!

-- Ann Bible